Esther Community Enterprise (ECE) is a non-profit charitable organisation within the voluntary third sector. Our vision is to reach those that are disadvantaged or simply going through a hard time, by providing a service which can bridge a gap and support members of the local community. "Giving Purpose to Surplus" is our mission statement. We aim to meet those who have needs in the local community by redistributing food, clothing and other consumables that we receive from retailers. We support organisations/groups/projects nationwide. ECE makes a worthwhile collective response to the 3 tenets of sustainable development, namely social,economic and enviromental needs. There are few projects that succeed in this holistic quest. We work with retail organisations who share the same goals of reducing food waste, that would be destined to landfil sites. We are extremely grateful to all the retailers who support us and enable Esther Community Enterprise to reach our vision.............. "thank you"

Waitrose Partnership with ECE

Volunteers collect food donated by retailers then check the "use and sell by dates". Food unfit for human consumption is not taken, with the remainder distributed to those that are disadvantaged....... (click on gallery for further information)

             Health & Safety

ECE adheres to a strict health and hygiene policy. All of our food handlers hold certificates in health and safety. Food that is passed its "use by date" remains with the retailers to be used for renewable energy

                  No Waste

Everything that we take, we use. Nothing get's wasted! "Access to food is a right and not a privilege" The sharing of food provides a friendly atmosphere and encourages members from different communities to come together.

      Courtesy of Green TV

The following video highlights the plight of food wastage in our society. ECE ensures that the food donated is given to those who need it most.  We do not advocate bin raiding.

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